Find out with a Dark Web Threat Analysis from Comodo Provided at Zero Cost for Organizations with 1000+ Users

Attackers use stolen login credentials to perpetrate data theft. Comodo has helped other enterprises find out that hackers stole credentials to access company business applications, executives’ personal accounts, and their customer portals—and they were selling the credentials on the Dark Web. We can help you discover if your credentials have been compromised too.

Protect your data with a Dark Web Threat Analysis—at no charge—from Comodo.

If your enterprise has 1,000 or more users, Comodo will perform a custom threat analysis for your enterprise—at zero cost—to determine whether attackers have put your users’ login credentials on the Dark Web. We will send you a customized report showing which credentials in your organization are compromised and recommend specific actions you can take to reduce risk.

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The Ponemon Institute found the average record lost costs $158 and the average data breach costs a staggering $4 million.

2016 Ponemon Institute, Cost of a Data Breach